ESC Game Theater

Your favorite 30 person gaming experience.

Welcome to a brand new way to play.

Easy to play. Hard to master.

Players tap, swipe and tilt touch screen devices to play 30 person multiplayer video games in a dynamic theatrical environment. Each unique video game is entertaining to all levels of players, from casual to competitive, and lasts approximately 10 minutes.

The Experience

The Experience

The ESC Game Theater features a high definition projection system, with surround sound and theatrical lighting systems. There are over a dozen professionally developed video games on its roster suited for daily or league play. Every video game has clear instructions that teach players how to dodge, fly, tackle and shoot. A live MC creates an exciting environment as players are guided, celebrated and encouraged through each original title.

The patent-pending game platform and engine have been developed on Unity for easy development and deployment of new video game titles.

The Games

Each video game has been optimized to provide a thrilling, immersive experience through top-notch design and patent-pending technology.

Who is ESC Games?

The ESC Games team is based in New York City. The office features a full-scale ESC Game Theater lab used by leading game developers to create video games for the unique platform.

ESC Games was incubated through a partnership of several world renowned companies:

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